Top 5 Best Baseball Pitching Websites

As a baseball pitcher and pitching enthusiast, I am constantly searching for the top baseball pitching information. As you may know, there really aren’t many baseball pitching websites that provide you with the in-depth information needed to transform your pitching.

Although there isn’t an abundance of excellent websites for pitching instruction, there are still a select few that will guide you towards pitching success. I have diligently researched and compiled a list of instructional pitching websites that I believe will help any pitcher see legitimate improvements in their pitching ability. Here are my rankings of the top 5 best baseball pitching websites on the internet.

Top 5 Best Baseball Pitching Websites

1.) The Complete Pitcher by Steven Ellis

Steven Ellis is the owner and author of The Complete Pitcher. Ellis was a former professional pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, and his teachings can applied to any level of pitching including little league, high school, college, and even professional pitchers.

His website offers his pitching programs including the #1 rated pitcher strength training program TUFFCUFF, and his other popular book Tuffcuff Junior.

Ellis’ website offers a blog section where he posts frequent pitching instruction. Many of the posts are short, but very informative. In addition, The Complete Pitcher offers an article section with hundreds of pitching articles written primarily by outside pitching instructors.

There is a variety of sections including pitching mechanics, pitching drills, pitching grips, strength training workouts, the mental side of pitching, pitching nutrition, and pitching injury. Each article offers a unique perspective, and is very pitching specific.

Although the blog and article section of The Complete Pitcher is great, it is the discussion forum that I really like about this website. The discussion forum allows pitchers of all ages to interact with other pitchers from all over the nation and world.

Everyday, pitchers post new questions about how to improve their ability, and the questions are answered by either Steve Ellis or others who have significant pitching knowledge.

Pros of The Complete Pitcher:

  • Steve Ellis is a very qualified pitching instructor
  • Uses science and statistics to back up most of its claims
  • Well established website, and has been around since around 2007
  • Lots of free pitching material
  • Good website design
  • Provides a variety of options

Cons of The Complete Pitcher:

  • Some of the articles written by outside sources seem to be very subjective, and do not really use statistics or reasons why their pitching instruction is correct.
  • Many of the blog posts do not provide any visual aid making them difficult to get through
  • Some of the articles and blog posts seem a little rushed
  • The article archive does not provide descriptive titles making it difficult to find what you’re really looking for

Overall, The Complete Pitcher is one of the best baseball pitching website on the internet, and I use it as inspiration for my website.

2.) Top Velocity by Brent Pourciau

Brent Pourciau is the owner and editor of Top Velocity. Pourciau is certified by USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach. He has coached high school, college, and professional pitchers for the past 10 years.

Pourciau has revoultionized the pitching community with his philosophy of 3x or triple extension. His program 3x Pitching Velocity uses this triple extension approach, pitcher specific strength training methods, and various other pitching mechanics instruction that has enabled pitchers to throw 5-10 mph faster.

The Top Velocity website offers a variety of unique options. Similar to The Complete Pitcher, Top Velocity offers a pitching articles section that is composed of content written directly by Brent Pourciau. A large majority of the material is focused on his philosophies about pitching mechanics and how to develop greater velocity.

In addition to in-depth pitching articles, Top Velocity also offers a forum where you can directly ask questions about pitching, and Brent Pourciau will provide you with an informative answer.

Pros of Top Velocity:

  • In-depth pitching advice
  • Focuses heavily on the importance of pitching mechanics
  • Agrees that strength training is a necessity for pitchers and pitching velocity
  • Good website design that allows the user to choose from many different categories.

Cons of Top Velocity:

  • Kind of one-dimensional because the website relentlessly sticks to one pitching philosophy.
  • Infrequent article posting
  • Relatively new website and new ideas (some are seen as controversial)

3.) by Dick Mills

Dick Mills is the owner and author of Mills is a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, second round draft pick June of 1966, and pitching in pro baseball for five years.

His website offers various training programs including the First-Pitch Strike Warm-up and Recovery Program, and How to Build and Develop the Natural Explosive Pitcher. Coach Mills prides himself as “the pitching rebel.” His title is the product of his unique pitching philosophies.

Unlike most other pitching instructors, Mills does not use traditional methods such as long toss, weightlifting, or weighted baseball training. Instead, he believes that pitchers develop pitching velocity through explosive pitching mechanics. is simply designed, and easy to navigate through. Mill’s pitching website provides some video analysis comparing pro pitchers to amateur in which Dick Mills helps to explain why the amateur pitcher is not reaching maximum velocity. He also offers a blog sections where he does something similar, and an article section where he examines some of the most controversial pitching topics.

Pros of

  • Heavily focuses on the importance of pitching mechanics
  • Very in-depth and detailed analysis
  • Argues his standpoint well
  • Uses statistics to support his claims
  • Nice website design with easy navigation
  • Well established pitching instructor and website that has been around since around 1995

Cons of

  • Will not budge towards any other ideas
  • Does not advocate weightlifting when every high school, college, and professional program utilizes it.
  • Claims that weighted baseball training does not work when there is research showing that it can increase pitching velocity.
  • Very subjective analysis, using one-sided statistics to help support his claims while not providing statistics from the opposing view points.
  • Limited amounts of free material

4.) WebBall by Richard Todd

Richard Todd is the owner and editor of WebBall. WebBall is not specifically a baseball pitching website, but it offers some pretty great pitching advise along with many other baseball training recommendations. The website is well established and has been around for quite some time.

The website has over 20 contributors, each of who are pretty knowledgeable about baseball in general. The pitching section of WebBall is why I ranked it within the top 5 best pitching websites. This section is filled with an abundance of pitching information. Much of the information is very specific, provides statistics, and shows analysis to support its pitching claims.

Pros of WebBall:

  • The website is dedicated to helping youth baseball players and pitchers
  • Great pitching detailed pitching analysis
  • Well designed website with lots of options
  • Experience group of writers
  • Been around for many years
  • Lots of free material

Cons of WebBall:

  • The website has an overwhelming amount of content including ad banners, and other distractions that may make it difficult to find what you’re searching for.

5.) The 90 mph Club by Paul Reddick

Paul Reddick is the editor and owner of the 90 mph Club. Reddick is a former professional pitcher, director of Yogi Berra’s camp, and co-authored The Picture Perfect Pitcher. He is very passionate about pitching, and his newsletters provide some great pitching insights.

Reddick focuses a lot of his effort on debunking the traditional pitching methods. One of the best parts about Paul Reddick Baseball is that you do not need to visit the actual website to receive information. He is very diligent about sending out free pitching material through his email service.

Pros of Paul Reddick Baseball:

  • Firm on his pitching beliefs
  • Provides fresh insights on how to obtain greater pitching velocity
  • Very in-depth in his analysis
  • Lots of quality free material
  • Very passionate about his work

Cons of Paul Reddick Baseball:

  • Does not have an actual website to navigate through
  • Tends to send an excessive amount of emails which can dilute his intended message

6.) Honorable Mention

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Baseball Pitching Websites

  1. To add to the above, it goes without saying that (baseball content section) could easily crack that top 5 list as Eric is one of the leading experts in the baseball world when it comes to the off/in season training of pitchers and injury prevention. In fact, Eric’s information is almost second to none.

    Add in other websites like, Passion for Pitching (Doug White), NPA (National Pitching Association), Hitting is a Guess (Perry Husband), Chris O’, Dr Mike Marshall, Bioforce Baseball, Barry Johnson Pitching, Drive Line Baseball, There are many other I could list…

  2. Thank you for the suggestions! I made this list based on the websites activity levels, how much free content is available, how accessible the websites are, and if their free material can actually provide some unique insights.

    I greatly appreciate and read some of the websites that you listed above like Eric Cressey, Chris O’Leary, and Driveline Baseball. The only reason I didn’t include Cressey, who of which I frequently promote on this website, is because his material is purely strength training and conditioning. I wanted the list to only include websites that were purely for pitching.

    A lot of the websites that you listed are centered around some type of paid pitching instruction, and do not provide much free advice.

    Now, if this list was about the top 5 best pitching instructors, then it would look completely different.

    Thank you for the constructive advice, and I now considering expanding this list because of some of my favorites that were left out.

  3. I was surprised by this guy’s content but Dan Blewett Sports Performance has a lot of great information on it as well. Not necessarily a “pitching only web site” but lots of helpful material, from a guy who is a pitcher and has gone through Tommy John surgery. Interesting web site!

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