Pitcher Strength Training for Beginners

Every pitcher must develop a strength training routine to take their game to the next level.

In the past, pitching coaches preached about the dangers of pitcher strength training. As a result, there are countless myths and misconception exist.

Fortunately, new research and real life results have proven that pitchers can greatly benefit from strength training.

Strength training through weightlifting, plyometric exercises, core specific exercises, explosive medicine ball training, high-intensity sprinting, agility’s, and rotator cuff exercises have proven to reduce injuries, and increase velocity in pitchers today.

Pitchers no longer need to use old fashion and possibly ineffective methods that were utilized in the past. Nolan Ryan revolutionized the idea of pitchers and weightlifting, and his teachings have carried on through today.

Almost every pitcher in the MLB incorporates an in-season and off-season strength training regime.

And now it’s time for you to do the same. Let’s get started.

Must-Read Pitcher Strength Training Articles

First it’s important you read about the most popular Pitcher Strength Training Myths that currently exist.

Stretching Articles

It’s vital that pitchers understand the importance of stretching prior to any strength training routine. Read Stretching for Pitchers, which is an in-depth article explaining how to properly stretch for pitching.

Weightlifting & Strength Training

Pitching Exercises: The Complete Guide
A complete guide to pitching exercises for beginners and advanced players.

Rotator Cuff Exercises for Baseball
Every baseball pitcher must be incorporating these exercises into their strength training routine.

Core Strength Training

30 Excellent Baseball Core Exercises
This is a complete guide to the best baseball core exercises that are guaranteed to increase core strength, stability, and rotational power.


Conditioning Training for Baseball Pitchers
Article explaining the proper methods of conditioning training for baseball pitchers.

For a complete pitcher strength training routine, visit 3X Pitching Velocity.

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